Help me bake cookies in a pot
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For baking cookies in a pot on the stove-top, apparently some kind of spacer like this is needed. What is it called, and where can I get one?

This AskMeFi answer has my mouth watering for some fresh-baked homemade cookies. I need something to keep the baking sheet up, off the bottom of the pot, so the cookie bottoms won't burn. What do you recommend? I'm thinking an actual cookery type thing, more than lug nuts or empty tin cans. (Google isn't much help here, as queries for "pot baking" result in recipes for cannibis brownies!)
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Best answer: It's called a steam rack and you can get them at all kinds of cooking equipment stores.
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Reminds me of the type of thing used for double boilers. Try this?
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The two racks pictured in your link come standard with many different brands of round, glass countertop convection ovens, such as this one (in the picture, you can see the larger rack in your link turned upside down).

You need a baking trivet, such as this one designed for dutch ovens.

A heat diffuser designed to allow the use of glass coffee pots on electric burners will work at least as well, and you could bend a satisfactory one of those out of a stainless steel spoke (after clipping off the part that goes in the hub).
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I've seen one made with crumpled up aluminum foil.
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You could also look for a canning rack, which is used to keep jars off the bottom of a stock pot when water-bath or pressure canning. I use a round cake cooling rack that fits inside my biggest pot.

I've also used the metal bands from canning lid assemblies to elevate jars, if you have any of those around.
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