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Are there any interesting foreign/international food markets in in-town Atlanta?

Imagine that I live in-town and am reliant on biking/transit. Consider Your DeKalb Farmers' Market and Buford Highway too remote for these purposes (though I would consider something directly at Decatur or Doraville MARTA stations, for example). I guess what I'm hoping for is that someone will tell me there's a secret Korean market in East Atlanta Village or a Middle Eastern food store in Midtown or something. I'm not aware of any such luck, but I'm hoping y'all might have a tip or two.
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Funny you would use as one of your examples a Middle Eastern market in Midtown. There's one near the mosque over on 14th, west of the Connector.
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There's Sevananda over on Moreland, but it's more of a natural/organic food sort of place. Yelp shows a handful of Latin/Mexican markets in and around the downtown area.
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The Avondale MARTA station is near both the huge DeKalb Farmer's Market and the eclectic First Oriental Market (by the strip club and the pet crematory).
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Ah, missed that YDFM is too far for you. Hmm.
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Response by poster: It's not too far in an absolute, weekend trip sort of way, but the 25-minute walk each way makes it rather inconvenient. First Oriental Market is a lot more feasible and I've never heard of it, so thanks!
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(You can take the #8 bus down College Ave from the Avondale Station and get off near Laredo. It's a 10ish minute walk to YDFM from there.)
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I'm not sure if this is too far away, but Cherian's is a good Indian grocery store on DeKalb Industrial in Decatur.
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I'll just give you a ride to either Buford or YDFM because I have yet to find markets that outrank those!
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You do in fact need to go to YDFM, if not just for the amazingly affordable spices. My friends from across the country stock up when they come here. If you're into food, it's almost an event.
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