A Video Camera in Every Pot
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What kind of video camera is best for mounting above a cooking demonstration island and cooktop?

I need to equip a demonstration kitchen with two video cameras, one mounted above the cooktop and the other mounted above the demonstrator's island. The ability to control the zooming in/out easily by non-techie presenters is a key requirement, but other than that, we don't have too many other specific requirements. Audio not needed. High-Def would be nice. Cameras will be hard-wired into our network, so no need for wi-fi capabilities. The cameras will be hung approximately 4-5 feet above the surfaces they are "filming" (is that still the right word?).

Any suggestions for specific models and/or specs to look for would be greatly appreciated as this is totally not my area of expertise.
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This thread confirms what I always sort of thought, that some cooking shows hang a mirror at 45 degrees above the cooking area. Shots are taken from a standard camera off the mirror rather than directly overhead, though there is some discussion on mirror quality as well. So that's an angle (pardon the pun) as well.
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