How are your technology and communications teams structured?
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I'm wondering about communications & technology staffing at organizations like the one I work for.

I work at a non-profit, we have roughly 100 staff members. We've grown organically and I'm the person who has been managing the website and (some of) the CRM over the past many years. As we grow and grow, we're realizing we're far under capacity tech and communications-wise and I've been trying to research how other similarly sized non-profits are staffed and it's been hard to find out so I'm turning to you all.

This doesn't have to be only non-profit folks. Here's our deal: we are a service org, we have 100ish staff, we have a decent sized website (Drupal, hosted offsite) with daily news postings happening. A CRM through which we manage our donors and everyone who works at the local programs we work with. We send mass emails to donors, programs (etc) using this CRM. We are getting more into social media and sending our various enewsletters. The CRM and Drupal are connected.

We have a "portal" of sorts that we've built for our programs where staff will soon be learning to post content/resources. We have a custom data tracking tool we've built for those programs to report outcomes to us. We report on and analyze those outcomes.

I'd love to hear how similar organizations are structured. For instance, do you have a CIO who a Director of Technology reports to and they supervise data analysts and programmers? Do you also have a VP of Communications who manages a Marketing Dept who has a Drupal developer on their team? Do the tech and communications folks sit on the same team? Or do you outsource all tech and have a Marketing Dept who writes the web content and calls support when something breaks?

We are a team of four (from 2 different departments) who do all of the things I've described above and a million other things. We know we need to grow and we know we don't need to reinvent the wheel in terms of staffing, hence my research. Thanks!
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I work for a nonprofit with about 160 full-time staff. Technology is divvied up by function:
- Director of Strategic Projects and Director of Enrollment and Information Systems manage the database that we use for agency and cross-agency outcomes evaluation.
- Manager of Marketing and Special Events manages website, social networking, e-blasts.
- Manager of Foundation & Government Grants (me) manages CRM donor database, mostly because I have experience with the database.
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