Where can I get a pediatric MRI in the northern Chicago suburbs?
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Where is a good place to get a pediatric MRI in the northern Chicago suburbs?

My six year old daughter has been diagnosed with precocious puberty. The pediatric endocrinologist has recommended she get an MRI as a precaution to make sure its not something more serious (knock on wood). Her doctor recommended a place in Westchester which we will definitely go to if necessary, but I was wondering if anyone might know a good place that might be closer to the northern suburbs?

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I don't have a specific recommendation, but as a person who's received a fair amount of MRIs through her teen and adult years, I have some suggestions on what to look for in a radiology shop. (I'm going to assume that your daughter won't be very heavily sedated, in which case, one place is as good as any other.) You should call ahead and ask to speak to someone on staff who can answer your questions.

You want to find someone (and this may even be on a tech-by-tech basis) who will talk to your daughter throughout the procedure. Tell her when a scan is coming, tell her when it's OK to move, when it's not OK to move, that sort of thing. (I am very fidgety and get anxious when I can't fidget, so this helps me chill out tremendously.)

It's also nice when they give you headphones and play music. Even if the music is crap and you can barely hear it over the noise of the MRI, it's way better than only having the freaky MRI noise to listen to.

Make sure they put a pillow under her head and her knees before they calibrate everything. Lying in one place for so long is uncomfortable, and once they start they can't do anything that will change the alignment of the body.

Have them show her the tech room before taking her in to get the MRI, so she can see that everyone is right there and can see her. (It's kind of unsettling thinking you're being left in a big, noisy room all by yourself.)

Also, regardless of where you end up, have her dress in warm, MRI-friendly clothes. I always freeze in those things because they make you change into the crappy gown if you've got any metal or thick clothing on. Then one day I went in with just leggings, wool socks, and a turtle neck, and they let me keep my own clothes on. Win!

Oh, and if she's getting contrast, maybe explain to her beforehand that it'll feel weird going in.

Good luck!
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