Furniture Repair in NYC?
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Our Noguchi coffee table is in need of some serious TLC. Does anyone know a good furniture repair place in NYC that could fix the broken leg and hinge, without overcharging us? We've already tried wood glue and failed, miserably.
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Try Sol Ovadia with Prestige Furniture & Design (old NYT link) - He's moved at least once since that article was written so he's tricky to google. But does amazing work and charges reasonably for it.
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A fine furniture maker should be charging something in the ballpark of $100 an hour maybe more in nyc. Expect to spend some money if you want a decent repair.
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I don't have a repair company per se, but I would try contacting Two Jakes to see if they have any leads.
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Go to the 3rd Ward website and look at their list of artisans. You should absolutely be able to find a good woodworker to fix. I wouldn't go Two Jakes - judging by the prices in their store.
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Also, if you can provide pictures of exactly what is wrong, some of us may be able to recommend DYI approaches.
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I know The Furniture Joint does good work as well, but don't know about the price.
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Thanks everyone! I'm following up on these leads. Here is the broken leg in case you have DIY ideas (thanks, spicynuts)
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Yikes. Is there a warranty on the table? Have you tried contacting the place you bought it from for suggestions?
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