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Need an information dump on backpacking through New Zealand!

Will be traveling to New Zealand in July/August and spending about a month there backpacking around. Need some help and suggestions for planning the trip.

If you don't mind sharing, what was your budget? How did you cut some corners/save? Places you really enjoyed, places you didn't.. how to get off the beaten track a bit?

I'll hopefully have a travel partner -- for now I'm solo though. Camping, cooking for myself, hoping to rent a campervan or a car. Walking on the Franz Josef Glacier, a skydive and/or bungy. Anything else I should add to the list to look into?
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It will be ski season. I have zero ideas about that. Sorry.

- Take a lesson on glacier climbing. When will you get to do this again?

- The weather will be shite. You will be wet. Have gear that dries quickly, wrap spares in plastic bag. Think WATERPROOF.

- DOC huts are the bomb. You will not need a tent, only sleeping bag, food, and cooking gear.

- Carry duct tape. Your feet will be wet, you WILL get blisters. Avoid blisters by putting duct tape over on "hot spots" the SECOND you feel one coming on.

- Hot Water Beach. If you can sleep on the beach in a bag only (doubtful, but you might get a break in the weather - DO IT:)

- Music in NZ is amazing. Soak up all the DJ events and bands that you can.

- Kayak camping rocks (top of the South Island), but I don't know that you can do it in July/August.

- The Farm Stay at the very tip of the Coromandel was one of the highlights of my life. The trip out there on a skinny cliff-side road in the rain with crazee kiwi drivers whipping around blind corners and nearly forcing our car off the cliff every few miles? Not so much.

- Speaking of which, drunk driving is a bit of a problem there. Drive accordingly.

- AHHH. The Cadrona Hotel and horseback riding with these guys! But horseback riding and camping anywhere in NZ is pretty sweet!

- Pinot noir wines from the South Island. I'm going to assume you already familiar with their superior Sauvignon Blancs.

- There is a protected Kauri Tree forest somewhere above Franz Josef as I remember. Go find it. Yes, they are that Big!

- Carved Punga.

-VOLCANO HIKES! I want to say I hiked Mt Ruapehu, but I honestly don't remember. It was an overnight trek, if that's the one. I think that's the one. I think there is skiing there, too. Also, I accidentally ended up hiking Rangitoto in Auckland Harbor when I boarded a $5 morning ferry "coffee cruise." So apparently "coffee cruise" = "Volcano Hike" in NZ. There's a lot of this, always be dressed appropriately. Sunscreen is your friend. As is waterproof clothing:)

- I think I skipped Lake Taupo and still regret it. And I lived there for a while, so there ya go.

- Tongariro! I'm SURE now that Volcano Hike I LOVED the most was The Tongariro Crossing! Craters! Skree hills! Sulfur lakes! Thanks, google maps!

- The food everywhere will be better than you imagine.

- It's cheap, you can afford to stay at really nice hotel/spa type places once in a while. Do that. Especially after you've gotten wet, cold, and dirty for a few days out in the bush.

- You can meet up with folks as you travel about. I often ran into the same travelers multiple times. You WILL find traveling companions, if you want to. Make friends with New Zealanders, some of the nicest people on the planet. I kid you not.

- There are sacred Maori hills, mountains, and springs all over that you may not enter - please be respectful and do not enter.

- Is there room for me in your luggage?

Kia Ora!
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You're foolish, maybe, with the camper van. You'll meet more people at the backpackers, which are usually really nice and will have private rooms readily available at that time of year. Stay at the backpackers and make new friends!

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Oh, dip!

You need not fly blind in NZ. In every town there is a friendly tourist bureau (I forget what they are called, but pretty sure the gov't runs them.) Through these guys you pick your next destination, they will phone and make reservations, and basically facilitate everything from lodging to activities.

You can go with a loose plan and then make decisions on the ground based on weather and the like.

It's that simple.
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If you are looking for other travellers to rideshare with, gumtree is more active in NZ than Craigslist.
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I'd rent a car, vs. camper. I stayed mostly at hostels, and they were all quite nice. I picked up hotchhiking backpackers, which turned out alright, and I'm still in touch with some years later.

I don't imagine you'll have trouble getting rooms at hostels, but it was busy when i was doing it in the summer, so I booked ahead a day or two.

I think you need to be with a guide for the glacier, but I may be wrong. There were a couple of shops in town that did them.
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If your pack and budget allow it, consider purchasing a rail pass.

The South Island spoke to me more than the North Island. The hostels were quite pleasant and full of friendly people. I wish I'd had more time to spend around Milford Sound, but if you get there and the weather is good enough, try for a boat tour; the scenery is magnificent.
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I'm going to address some practical stuff:

Rail is probably the worst way to get around New Zealand. If you have oodles of time and money, yes, but the bus networks are fantastic and well priced. A bus + hostel tour (either packaged, or organised yourself) would be a fantastic way to get around the country with ease, as well as meet new people. Check out Naked Bus for fares.

The tourism bureaus are called i-sites and they're in most towns (90 around the country).

As for pretty/off the beaten track - the West Coast of the North Island is beautiful in a wild sort of way. Driving around New Plymouth is one of my favourites - craggy gorges, forests, rivers, then the beach. West is also best at Auckland/Raglan (surf, hippies, food), and in the far North where you can visit the gorgeous Hokianga Harbour.
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If you are American, mentally prepare to drive on the "wrong" side of the road and car. :-)
It is tricky at first.
That ferry from Wellington to Picton is a pretty cool way to get to the South Island.
Do the Jet boats on the Shotover River! It is a MUST!

Have fun!
It's among the coolest places in the world...
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Plenty of good advice above. While I think others have hinted at it, keep in mind that July/August is winter, so a number of the outdoorsy activities will be cold, if not closed. Don't be discouraged - it's not like the whole country is covered in ice and snow. And seeing the snow-capped mountains in the southern alps is absolutely breathtaking. It just might mean that lodging in ski areas gets booked on weekends, though, where other activities (like the Tongariro Crossing mentioned above) will be not be open. Also, as mentioned, each town will have an i-Site where you can get information on the local scene. Good news is that you shouldn't need to book things too far in advance during the off-season!

Enjoy your trip!
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