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I'm looking for lists of TV shows and movies that have characters referencing numbered lists of rules. As examples in Wedding Crashers they reference a random assortment of rules e.g. Rule #110: Never walk away from a crasher in a funny jacket. Fight Club has "First Rule of fight club is..." What else has a set of rules like this?
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Best answer: How I Met Your Mother has The Bro Code.
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Two Star Trek examples: Lefler's Laws and The Rules of Acquisition.
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In the Star Trek: TNG episode The Game, Wesley's friend Robin frequently references her personal list of 102 laws to live by.
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NCIS: Special Agent Gibbs has a long list of rules that are referenced throughout all

Star Trek TNG: Ashley Judd played an ensign on one episode and had a list of Laws to Live By (on preview, beat by two others!)
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An old UK tv series with Clive Owen did this, Chancer.
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I think "Fast Times at Ridgemont High" has Damone listing steps for meeting women.
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Best answer: tv tropes warning.

Rule Number One.
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In About a Boy, Hugh Grant's character has rules/strategies for the way he blocks out his day (he doesn't have to work).
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Olivia has "Rule of Life Number whatever" in every episode of "Olivia," if kids' shows count!
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See also: The Commandments.
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John Ritter's show, 8 Simple Rules.
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Doctor Who, both classic and Nu has bits of this. Rule 27: "Never knowingly be serious"
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Best answer: the 32 rules of Zombieland
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Best answer: Y Tu Mama Tambien's "Charolastra - a.k.a. Space Cowboy" Rules:

1. There is no greater honor than being a Charolastra.
2. Do whatever you feel like.
3. Pop beats poetry.
4. Get high at least once a day.
5. You shall not fuck a fellow Charolastra's girlfriend
6. Whoever roots for Team America is a tool.
7. Whacking off rules.
8. Never marry a virgin.
9. Whoever roots for Team America is a tool. (this bears repeating)
10. Truth is cool but unattainable.
11. The asshole who breaks any of the previous rules loses his title of Charolastra.
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The Tao of Steve.
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Best answer: Scream lists the Rules of Horror Movies.
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The Big Bang Theory has the Roommate Agreement.
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In Red Dwarf, Rimmer constantly quotes the regulations.
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There's the Ferengi "Rules of Acquisition".
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The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants had ten rules for themselves and the pants. It started as a series of novels but has been adapted into movies.
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I swear there's a scene in Home Alone (I can't believe I remember this crap) where a creepy cousin on the family trip to France or whatever lists a series of rules, numbering them 1, B, C, 4 or something like that. Can't find the actual quote, though.
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Tough Love on VH1 (reality)
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There's a great NewsRadio episode called "The Secrets of Management." Jimmy James imparts some timeless advice to producer Lisa:

#1-Measure twice, cut once.
#2-No shirt, no shoes, no service.
#3-Don't do today what you can put off 'til tomorrow.
#434-The boss is never wrong.
#435-When in doubt, see secret #434.
#437-It's hard to fly with the eagles when you're surrounded by turkeys.
#597-Whoomp! There it is!
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A link to the Python sketch listed in zamboni's TV Tropes list, because transcription doesn't do it justice.
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Burn Notice does a few things like this-- not numbered, but the protagonist Michael Weston gives voice-over advice of how spies handle this or that while onscreen the characters assemble a contraption, or else Michael turns the tables on a bad situation with unexpected tactics.

There's also "Moscow Rules" that appear all over spy fiction, supposedly based on true cold war rules. The Moscow ruleset is a set of behaviors for spying from within the most paranoid environment imaginable.

In series 4 of the Britcom "The I.T. Crowd," Moss is challenged to a game of "Street Countdown," a rough-n-tumble version of the (real life) TV Game show in which brainy contestants are challenged by difficult anagrams and math puzzles. They parody fight club: "The First Rule of Street that you really must try and tell as many people as possible about it-- it's a rather fun game and the more people you tell about it, the better!"
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Response by poster: Awesome! Thank you metafilter.

I promise to use this list of rules for good and not evil.
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Sorry this is late, but its one of my favorites from the Andy Griffith Show from Barney:

"Here at 'the Rock,' we have two basic rules. Memorize them so you can say them in your sleep. Rule One: Obey all rules! Second, do not write on the it takes a lot of erase of walls.
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