Getting Wrinkles Out of Rayon
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How to get wrinkles out of dry clean only clothes (rayon)?

I have a skirt that is dry clean only, made of 100% rayon. I need to get the wrinkles out of it. I've had it hanging up in my bathroom (hoping gravity and the steam might work) but no dice.

Searching online has given me contradictory answers about whether an iron can be used in any way (steam only or no steam, iron the back, iron through foil or a cloth).

I don't want to ruin the skirt. If it matters, it's black with some colored flowers.

I'm unemployed, so if there is some way I could use an iron instead of spending $5-10 yes that really does help! (But I'd rather spend 5 bucks than ruin the skirt if dry cleaning is really the only safe way.)

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I've had rayon skirts in the past, and it's been my experience that rayon doesn't respond well to steam but is very sensitive to heat.

Here what I used to do: dry iron on a low setting, using a pressing cloth (like a thin tea towel) if I felt the iron was getting too hot.

Good luck!
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Depending on the weave, rayon can also be a pretty sheen-y fiber, so the advice about ironing wrong side only (maybe even with a towel underneath) is probably good, as well.
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I've had luck with manmade-fabric garments (although not sure if that includes rayon or not), just throwing stuff in a medium-heat dryer with a very damp washcloth and getting it out after 15 min or so. Don't let it sit and get wrinkled again.
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Response by poster: Oh, I should have mentioned I won't have access to a dryer or washer between now and when I need the skirt.
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Two suggestions:
1) Try hanging skirt near, but not in, the bathroom when you shower. I usually hang on the door to the bathroom but leave the door open so it doesn't get too steamy. Steam can help remove the wrinkles.

2) There's a great product (yes, you might have to spend some $$) called Wrinkle Release that has always worked on everything for me.
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Rayon can get shiny if ironed, so I would iron it on the wrong side, no steam.
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Could you try something like Downey Wrinkle Releaser? I've used it for my dry-clean required garments in the past, but not with rayon.
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If you're near a Nordstrom, you can just go in and ask if they'll steam the wrinkles out for you. Does it look like something that may have once been sold there?
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