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What's the best online source of quality business cards (besides

I'm looking for an online printer to create some business cards. is the best that I've found so far. It uses nice thick 16 pt stock, and they'll even send you samples to check out. The only problem is that they use the European standard size (84mm x 55mm) which is just big enough to not fit in U.S. standard 3.5 in. x 2 in. business card cases.

I've seen VistaPrint suggested here in the green before, but the I can't find an option to print on anything thicker than 80 lb stock, which is thinner stock than I was wanting.

Can you suggest a quality online printer that will print my two-sided design on nice thick stock at the U.S. standard 3.5 x 2 inches? Bonus points if they'll send me samples to look at.
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I looooove Design Your Own Card. You can upload your own images, or use their mammoth clipart gallery, and ultimately there is just tons of flexibility. (I don't think they do samples though.)
posted by hermitosis at 6:49 PM on February 15, 2012 [3 favorites] prints on very nice stock, and the quality is great. They are usually running deals, so their pricing is hard to pin down, but they aren't very expensive. I think you can get proofs, but they might cost a few bucks.

A downside is that full-color digital images might get darker, more saturated or lean more toward magenta when they are printed out (due to the differences between addative and subtractive color mixing, and the different gamut of computer screens and printing inks). I've noticed this with Overnightprints more than with other companies, and I've learned how to give the brightness and contrast settings of the images a little Kentucky windage to compensate, but I still use them because the cardstock and glossy coating is the nicest I've seen from an online company.
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I've had excellent luck with Henley Printing. Their 16pt satin coated cards with rounded corners are fantastic.

An alternative is GotPrint. Good product, but the card weights feel a little flimsy.
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I've used Taste Of Ink a number of times, very happy with them. They offer samples too.
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I've designed for clients that used Overnight Prints and Greener Printer both with good success. The second one has some neat cardstocks available.
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Vistaprint and Uprinting are cheap, but they are NOT quality printers. The paper stock and printing are not great.
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I've used this guy at least three times. Nice glossy stiff cards, excellent communication and quick turnaround. 1000 4/4 cards for $32 shipped. I've spent many years in the printing industry and have no idea how this guy does such great work for so cheap.

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Sorry, screwed up that link.

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Best answer: I did a bunch of work with Morning Print, and they were fantastic.
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I like Low Price Print a lot. If you want more flexibility on paper stock and other printing options (embossing, die cutting, foil stamping), AladdinPrint does a great job.
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I had a good experience ordering several business cards, hang-tage, etc from
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Jakprints is reasonably priced, can do just about anything you want or need, and is a hell of a lot speedier than Vistaprint (I've used both).
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone. Morning Print looks like the best bet so far. They have several options of 16 pt card stock, and they'll even send free samples. I've ordered a sample set, so I'll let you know how they work out.
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