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18-c. German filter. Pagodenkopf anyone?

I can't believe that I have to ask this but I'm totally at a loss. In some late 18th-century German text we're trying to understand someone "wackelt seinen (or: wie ein...) Pagodenkopf".
He wiggles like a pagoda-head?

Any one out there having experience with any of these (18th-c. german quirks, or pagoda heads)?

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His pagoda head- I'd imagine a double chin and maybe goofy hair, such as to resemble a pagoda. Is it a middle aged character in a bureaucratic function?
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Best answer: Later than 18th century, but nodding "pagoda" figures were a popular type of figurine made in Germany in the mid-late 19th century.

(I knew watching Bargain Hunt would come in handy one day!)
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I was going to come in with a guess about tall wigs, but those bobblehead figurines look much more likely.
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Response by poster: Wow, you nailed it Pinback. I now searched for Meissener Pagode, and found one from the late 18th century. Had no idea! Thanks.
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