I need a broader view than what slashdot is giving me now
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I realized recently, that I've lost somewhat of my network that kept me up to date on technology trends, software development methodologies and up and coming frameworks. I'm specifically in the enterprise JEE world. What are some software related blogs that you use as a Senior/Lead/Architect?

I'd like to build a stable of blogs that I can check daily (or weekly) to keep on top of JEE technology specifically, but also developments in the software development world. For example, I would like to find out about new JEE frameworks, but also keep on to of software development methodology (agile) and development processes which might not be specifically related to JEE development.
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Hacker News is a step or two above Slashdot for actual useful content.
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The Serverside is your one stop J2EE shop. I'm also partial to The Register (I like their use of the term boffin) but lately just subscribe to their end of the week email.

The popular section of Pinboard is mostly crowded with dev/designer stuff, although less enterprisy and more VC/startupy.
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Response by poster: I can't believe that I completely forgot about the serverside. I guess that shows you how much out of the loop I've been. Definitely more like this. I appreciate the answers everyone.
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