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Do you know a great therapist in Brooklyn or Manhattan who helped you or a friend cope with depression? I'm trying to find a good fit.

It's not her, it's me.

I've been meeting with a therapist in Park Slope for about a month now, but I think I'd like to break up with her.

The (abridged!) story: I'm dealing with some pretty serious depression and am on the hunt for a therapist who can help me develop coping skills to combat it rather than just listen to me talk. (My poor friends have proven to be great for that.) So I'm thinking a CBT practitioner would be best, although I'm open to anyone willing to help me challenge my f-ed up thought patterns and hold me accountable for my efforts between sessions.

Thank you SO much.

(Oh! Insurance is United, though I would consider someone out of network if they offer a sliding scale.)
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PM sent.
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Sent my own PM as well.
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I sent you a message as well.
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It's not you. With therapists as in any close relationship, one size doesn't fit all.
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Response by poster: So true, Obscure Reference.

Thanks for the suggestions so far! Please keep 'em coming.
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