Star stud earrings from "Starryeyed" music video
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Where can I find the star stud earrings featured in this Ellie Goulding video? They appear to be shaped like 5-pointed stars, have gems at the base of each triangle, and one in the center. My wife loves starry earrings, stud earrings, and Ellie Goulding, and I would love to get them (or a reasonable clone) for her.

They look like they may be gold with diamonds. My wife and I would most emphatically not want to have diamonds. We're flexible on the metal as well.

Please do not confuse them with the giant dangly ones later in the video. I'm interested in the little studs. They also show up up later in the video, if that would help.
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I'm not sure how exact of a match you're looking for, but a cursory google shopping search for star stud earrings has quite a few choices...
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Here are Cath Kidston ones that are sort of as you describe in terms of the gem layout, but silver, not gold.

For those who look at the video, you can see a good closeup at 1:17
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These are gold and about the right size, although different gem (topaz) and different gem placement - cute though!
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I can't get the video to load for me, but are these the earrings? If not, those are starrish earrings still affiliated with Ellie.
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Best answer: How about these on Ebay?
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Response by poster: zoetrope, those are almost certainly the exact ones. Amazing! Now to see if I remember my ebay login...
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