A beautiful day in the neighborhood, hopefully.
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Recommendations for what else to see and do around the Mission/Dolores Park on a supposed beautiful day tomorrow in San Francisco?

Only one more full day in SF tomorrow (forecasted to be sunny and 57F, fingers crossed) and would like to walk around Dolores Park, get some lovely ice cream at Bi Rite and just enjoy a day checking out the adjacent neighborhoods. Not our first time to SF and this won't be our last, but always overwhelmed with choices.

Anything notable and interesting we should check out in and around the area? This literally could be anything, from a lunch spot to interesting murals, street art, whathaveyou. No need to be within walking distance if you feel it's worthwhile via MUNI/BART, very comfortable with public transport here. Thanks locals and all alike.
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826 Valencia! Check out the pirate shop!
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You should get the Secret Breakfast ice cream from Humphry Slocombe Ice Cream. You will not be disappointed.
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Lunch on picnic supplies at Bi-Rite Market (jamon iberico de bellota if you have the flow), followed by Bi-Rite Creamery (Humphrey Slocombe is interesting but not really worth going down there just for that). Maybe take a stroll to see the actual Mission Dolores, or head down to the Mission for the murals in Balmy Alley. Second the pirate store, then dinner at Pizzeria Delfina at one of the outdoor tables (no reservations, so get there when it opens or prepare to wait).

You also lucked out that there are million things going on for SF Beer Week, check out their schedule for tomorrow. Beer donut at Dynamo Donut in the Mission, or "Evening with Russian River Brewery" at Pi Bar, and more.
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Hey, I live in the neighborhood! Fair warning: Dolores Park itself is not entirely awesome, particularly now that it's under construction. Absolutely head there and enjoy the view from the top of 20th & Church and all that, just don't expect the park to occupy the day.. Bi-Rite ice cream is great and the grocery store is a good place to pick up a sandwich. Dolores Park Cafe is another nice spot to sit, grab a snack, etc. Tartine Bakery is just a block away and excellent, and Luna Park is one of my favorite nearby places for lunch and a drink. Ritual Coffee is also hipster central famous coffee, and for good reason. Similarly The Monk's Kettle for beer, particularly Belgian funky stuff.

The Mission District centered on Valencia Street and Mission Street is awesome in a slightly skeezy way. Walking up Mission from 16th to 24th is interesting if you like urban environments. It's entirely safe during the day, but keep your wits about you. If you peek in the alleyways all along there you'll see amazing street art and officially sanctioned murals. Many of the murals are by Precita Eyes; they have a couple of storefronts in the Mission but I've never poked my nose in.

If you like some exercise you can walk way up the hill to Sanchez and 21st and enjoy the quiet and views. There's nothing up there, it's just a residential neighborhood, but I like going up there. Also you can easily walk west over to the Castro to see America's most famous gay neighborhood. Not a lot to do there during the day, but it's an important part of the city. Harvey's is good for a drink.
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I highly recommend getting Cold Noodles or Tea Salad from Domo and bring it up to the park to eat. Cheap, delicious, a pretty unique SF place.
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And after you're done eating and drinking and chilling, Seward St. slides.
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There is a possibility that Tony Bennett will sing "I Left My Heart. In San Francisco" at City Hall at noon.
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Either OrangeDrink is talking about a different Burmese restaurant or they're talking about Yamo.

Yamo is seriously delicious so I'll either second the recommendation or do whatever you'd call it when you stupidly assume one thing and the truth ends up being something completely different.
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There is an excellent series of alleys between Mission and Valencia, 16th and 24th. Just a general meander through that rectangle of street should provide and hour or two of pleasant strolling. Finish by heading north of 16th on Valencia, and then turn west toward the Castro, and the view from Corona Heights can’t be beat.
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Thanks, Agatha. I did indeed mean Yamo. Managed to get 2 out of 4 letters right. That's passing, right?

I live in the area, and I'd say one other thing I really like to do is go a bar called Twin Peaks on the corner of Castro and Market. Go upstairs, sit next to the faux tiffany lamps and have the best gin gimlet you'll ever taste while the castro walks by.
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Picnic in Dolores Park with food from Tartine (or any of the other awesome recommendations listed above). Mission Dolores itself is super beautiful and I definitely would recommend it. Otherwise, wandering Valencia is highly entertaining - be sure to hit up the Clarion Alley murals, the pirate store, and Paxton Gate (both the regular one and the kids' store). Lots of bar options in the Mission/Castro - my favorite is Lucky 13, but depends if you your bars dark and divey with a punk-heavy jukebox.
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