do you know a good leather worker?
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I'm looking for a dark, well made, quality leather wrist cuff/bracelet that's about an inch thick with a snap closure. The internet seems flooded with crappy cuffs with lots of junk stuck on them. Can you recommend a shop/person? I lean more towards something that looks vintage/distressed rather than new, stiff, and polished. This is for a man, but think more unisex.
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I'm really hoping you already checked etsy but here are some I found that might fit the bill
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Response by poster: i have already checked etsy, but you suggested some i hadn't seen, so thanks for that! i'm more looking for people/shops that you have had personal dealings with. it's sometimes hard to tell leather quality from a photograph.

also, i should have mentioned it - no braiding, no strips, no fringe. but more than specific cuffs, i'm looking for shop suggestions.
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Is there harness maker/saddler/similar near you? They should be able to make you one quite cheaply.
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I wouldn't use the internet. I'd look for a leatherworker.

As a Rennie, I can tell you that I'd walk into my nearest rennfest, find the leather shops, and order what I want.

Alternatively, you could walk into a Tandy Leather Store (Tulsa or OK City, if your profile is correct) and ask the people behind the counter where to find someone who can make this for you.
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My friends speak highly of Dean.
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here's a simple two snap cuff from an online leather place, expensive though. no personal experience with them.
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Try Steve Williams at Backstreet Leather. If you send him a picture or a description of what you want, he can make it. He uses good leather and well made hardware. He's based in NC, but will ship to you. I've known him for years and I think he's a really talented craftsman.
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Yes, yes I do. His name is Karri and he works here at the Cockpit MN. This website is crappy, but you if you call them I bet you could get a quote. You can also check them out on Facebook. They are totally a gay-male-focused leather/bondage store, and they make a ton of custom, high quality pieces. I have a leather bracelet from them as well as some other, um, gear. I like it quite a bit.
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Archival Clothing is a great online store with lots of enticing items from which to choose. Here's the link to one of their cuffs (they offer a few), and here's a link to their entire store. I know the fine folks who own AC, and they are entirely fabulous. They are committed to top quality, durable, well made items. Good luck on your search!
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My friend makes these out of recycled leather and they are very nice:
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I bought a leather belt for my husband last Christmas from JMB - the belt is great, my husband wears it every day and it still looks amazing. Very high quality. The company works out of a small village not too far from here (Ottawa), and I think it is just three people (here is more about the company). I bought the belt at a boutique, but they have an Etsy store with a few leather cuffs as well.
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