Can you help me find these paintings?
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I'm trying to find some artwork that I believe was posted to the front page a while back. The best description I can give is that it was paintings of various animals (mostly bunnies and bears) in odd situations including, but not limited to self-mutilation.

I've been scouring my links and I can't find these anywhere, although I've seen them twice before. They're rather dark in color and content, relatively traditional painting style (acrylic or oil?) but with a cartoonish look. I seem to remember a bunny cutting off one of its limbs and a self-portrait(?) of the artist smoking a cigarette in a bear-suit in particular. There was a site that I believe belonged to the artist with a gallery. Anyone?
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was it the book of bunny suicides? link
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Mark Ryden?
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Nope and nope...already came across my link to bunny suicides while looking and I've never heard of Mark Ryden until today but thanks, it's awesome stuff. It had more subdued tones and it was kind of lots of strokes. He did some pieces for some 8-bit art festival IIRC...WAIT! I just found it via the I Am 8-bit festival. It was Luke Chueh. Thanks for the help, though.
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I believe you are thinking of Luke Chueh. He rocks.
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oops. i was so excited to actually know the answer that i didn't see you had already found it.
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