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I've got some long voice memos recorded on iPhone, transferred to iTunes. I'm wanting to send them, but the files need to be smaller. What's the easiest way to do this, either in iTunes or some other method?
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On a Mac, you could drag them into GarageBand and then export them at a lower bit rate. I imagine they're already at a pretty low bit rate, so I'm not sure how significant the size savings would be.
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You could copy them to DropBox, share the folder, and send the person a link. (Insert XKCD joke here.)
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Seconding the DropBox idea, it's the simplest possible way. Beyond that you're looking at downsampling a la GarageBand or Max. Not as easy, may require some reading.

This is how I would do it.

1. If the file is stereo, convert it to mono. GaragBand should be able to do this.
2. Load in Max, select .mp3 or whatever audio component you want to use.
3. Select 64kbps bit rate for good compression to quality ratio.

This guide might help.

Alternatively, if privacy isn't a huge concern* and you could get them to a DropBox account but still need them to be smaller feel free to memail me and I could do this for you.

*not that I even want to listen to your long voicemails!
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Here's a tutorial on how to convert the voice memo to mp3. You can select a lower bitrate and it will make a smaller file.
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