What is the best mod/rom for the droid bionic?
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Mod/ROMs for the Droid Bionic - What are the best ROMs for this device?

Currently running 5.9.902 with Android 2.3.4 and am curious about running something, everyone I know has recommended CyanogenMod, but there is no official Cyanogen mod for the Bionic.
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It's been about two years since I've messed with mods, but at the time, you didn't worry about what the phone was... are there now specific builds of cyanogen for different phones? That would be.... weird.
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There's apparently an ICS build available if you don't mind a nonworking camera.
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Huh, maybe not so weird. Ignore me!
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Check the xda forums for your model.
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Specifically, the Android Development and General forums at XDA, or the corresponding forums at RootzWiki.
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Make that "Specifically, the Bionic-related" etc.
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Thanks for the suggestions so far. I guess I should have done a better job of asking this. I know of the various forums that link to roms for the Bionic, but I'm looking for advice from people who've actually installed some on their device and have some first hand knowledge to pass along about which ones install, work correctly, and provide some improved performance.
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You're more likely to find better feedback about each ROM by the users posting in the associated forum posts. The state of ROMs changes so fast that there really is no best ROM, you'll just have to do the research.
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