Help me find Some Nice Polo/Golf Shirts
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Help me find some stylish, but geeky, Polo/Golf Shirts that I can wear to work

I tend to prefer to wear Polo Shirts to work - the presence of the collar being pretty much my only concession to the concept of being "Senior Management."

I've got a reasonable collection of plain polos, but I'd quite like to expand that to include some that draw attention to my work and interests in a relatively subtle way (i.e. with a small embroidered logo or piece of text). Either that, or just some with some nice designs on them.

I already have one with a nicely embroidered, Arsenal logo, for example, and several from Think Geek.

Those Think Geek ones give an idea of the kind of thing I'm after, but Google is doing little other than giving me polo envy for shirts that are no longer available.

So anyone out there able to suggest some sources for nice, subtle Polos that are work-friendly with some kind of geek connection?

Anything related to football (the soccer variety), sci fi, gaming (both video and pen & paper) or web development would work.
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Threadless has some cute ones.
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XKCD also has some polo shirt offerings.

Forgive me for a slight deviation from your question. I am also linking my favorite collection of geek shirts, Yellow Ibis. I don't remember if there are polo shirts, but there are lots of science-related t-shirts. Just in case you need more casual wear for the weekend. (it looks as if their customizable shirts include polos)
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Jinx has a couple of World of Warcraft ones.
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Best answer: Pegasus Publishing's shirts?
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Penny-Arcade's First Party imprint sounds like what you're looking for. They are sold out at the moment, but you may be able to find out if that situation is temporary with an email.
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Best answer: From Jbox, a Death from Overwork polo. JBox specializes in goods from Japan.
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Best answer: Dependant on your like for all things Shepard, this Mass Effect collared shirt may do well. It's not quite a polo shirt as it's buttoned all the way down, but it certainly says 'gamer geek' to anyone who's played the games. it's a touch expensive but I've been lusting after it since it was released.
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Response by poster: cheers guys - some great suggestions. I am indeed eagerly awaiting the return of PA's first party line.

I've marked the ones I've ordered this morning as "best answers," but I suspect I'll end up with something from all of these links eventually!
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