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These are two books I remember from grade school, but not the authors/titles

They may have been reprinted by Scholastic.

1. Written/published in the 50's: a 10-11 year old girl goes to live with her career military father in California. Her mother is dead and she has been raised in the Midwest by two elderly female relatives and their housekeeper while her father has been fighting in WW2. She barely remembers him and won't call him "Daddy".

In one scene she scrapes herself and is upset that her father puts iodine instead of Mercurochrome on the cut.

She is very disappointed by the bike her father gives her as a birthday present.

2. Written in the 70's and set during that time: a black girl lives with both her parents and siblings.

The main chapter I remember deals with her efforts to have a dog which doesn't trigger her allergies. The first dog is a long-haired breed I think she calls Friendly. Her teacher recommends a short-haired breed and a Chihuahua she calls Tippytoes is brought home. When that doesn't work, the teacher suggests a poodle the girl calls Puffy, but she's allergic to this one too.
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Best answer: Book No. 1 was "Patricia's Secret" or something like that. She deliberately misbehaves so that he will return her to her aunts. It was a Scholastic Book.
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Best answer: Patricia's Secret. More info here (scroll down).
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Best answer: I think the second book is "Philip Hall Likes me, I reckon maybe".
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Response by poster: Those are the ones! Thanks to you both!
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