Any tips to find a massage package for a friend in a foreign land?
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Osaka-filter Massage/Spa Package-filter. I like to buy a lady friend a good women oriented massage package she could use to relax massively while in Osaka. Any tips on how to find massage/spa resorts that offer this sort of deal? One difficulty I prefer to arrange/reserve/buy it while overseas.

I have looked at some japan guides for foreigners, but I'm not sure the stuff they orient to would work out. I'm not looking for a tour package, just a pre-paid reservation in her name basically...
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You could try sending Purovel an email to see if you can buy something from overseas. Spa World also offers massages, but it's more of a cheesy family attraction than luxury spa.
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Response by poster: I read about Spa World as well, not exactly what I was looking for. Thank you for the Purovel suggestion.

I found a great hint on Someone happened to ask a similar question awhile back. A thread there led me to Spafinder's site in Japan. I emailed them about this and they told me though I cannot have a gift ticket sent to the states, but I could arrange to have it sent to any particular address in Japan. This includes hotels so now I have a good idea of how to go about achieving this.
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I bought my wife a gift certificate, I think about $120, some years back for a long course massage and spa treatment at a place in the Diamor shopping center near Hilton Hotel in Umeda. I can't tell you how much she liked it because, sniff, she never used it. Osaka is very urban, but the luxury hotels have esthetic salons with beauty treatments and massage.

However, these are still within the urban setting, and the moment she walks out the door it's back to the rat race. Infinitely more sensual, esthetically pleasing, mentally relaxing and memorable would be a weekend at the Kinosaki onsen town easily accessible to Osaka by express train but set well back in the mountains. Numerous hot spring ryokan offer massage, hot sand treatments and whatever stuff goes on in beauty salons that meatheads like me can't fathom.
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