If it's really a one click install....why have I been clicking all day?
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I cannot get my 'one click' Wordpress install, hosted by iinet to work, with one or many clicks.... Can you help me troubleshoot, as I have a deadline to meet.

I've registered my domain name with iinet and have installed Wordpress, through their one-click install (I can see it has 'successfully' installed by the description and tick). But then nothing happens. Anytime I try and load the page, or access the login I keep going to a new window with the error message: 'Safari can't find the server'. I've even tried accessing with just my ip address as my url with control panel, etc. But nothing is working. Any advice would be great please. It would also be ideal to hear from people who successfully installed Worpress, just so I know what I should be looking for if/when it works.
Tips, links, troubleshooting guides or your own experiences greatly appreciated.
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My initial suspicion is that you registered the domain name immediately before attempting the one-click install, and you haven't given it enough time for the DNS changes to propagate. Since you are (probably) using a shared hosting environment, using the IP address in lieu of the URL won't get you far.

If you can successfully rule out the lag time in DNS propagation as the root of your issue, then I would suggest reading the Installing Wordpress guide, and installing it manually. It is very simple to do when you follow the guide.
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If you can't get to your domain at all, then it's probably not a WordPress issue, so much as a hosting issue. You'll want to verify that your host has configured DNS and provisioned the hosting services for your domain.

In regard to the latter part of your question: I don't have experience with your host, but once your domain is configured properly and WordPress is installed, you'll probably see the default Hello World! post on the twentyeleven theme and be able to login at yourdomain.com/wp-admin/
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Yeah, checking a couple of iinet-hosted sites I know, looks like their default TTL is 4 hours. Though their own DNS servers should be updated quicker than that (assuming you're testing from an iinet service), it isn't a sure thing.

If it hasn't updated by then, give them a call. If you're really antsy for it to be done ASAP, then either go into the domain/DNS setting in the iinet control panel and adjust the TTL for your domain to something silly like 120 (2 minutes), or give them a call. In my experience dealing with them (as both a customer and 3rd-party tech), their L1/2 support is pretty clueful.
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Hmmm, I registered the domain a few days ago now and unfortunately their phone support for hosting is only available on weekdays, and also I do not understand any of your acronyms or shorthand. Thanks for trying though :-)
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(Actually, scratch the bit about changing your own TTL - that won't make any difference until after the DNS record propagates. Call them if you need it really quickly.)
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On lack-of-preview: try their normal support number anyway. As I said, they're remarkably clue-y, and in my experience usually happy to transfer up the chain (which they probably should do if it's still not resolving after a few days).

I've got to go out, but if you put your domain in your mefi profile temporarily then someone else could do an nslookup etc. & see if it resolves. That'd show whether it's a DNS problem or something else.
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Your host's name servers are not resolving your domain, presuming it's the one presently in your profile. They're just redirecting back to the root servers, as if they know nothing about it.

It's a DNS problem, and it's your host's. Make them fix it.
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If you get the same message when accessing via IP address, then it's not a DNS issue. Don't know why people are suggesting this.
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If you get the same message when accessing via IP address, then it's not a DNS issue. Don't know why people are suggesting this.

Because the hosting company that MT is using is quite obviously selling space in a shared hosting environment. In such cases, a multitude of sites will be sharing an IP address (unless MT has paid for a dedicated IP address - which is unlikely), and you won't be able to access any one of those particular sites without utilizing its hostname.
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Thanks everyone. I got the problem solved with the host company on Monday, missed the deadline for launch, but appreciate your help.
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