Electronic cardiovascular doohickey -- yea or nay?
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Has anyone used one of those combination ECG/pulse oximeter/electronic stethoscopes that seem to be flooding eBay from various Chinese distributors?

Examples: I've been looking for a good way to digitally record heart/lung sounds without plunking down a few hundred dollars for an electronic stethoscope, and these devices seem potentially useful. I wonder about the quality and accuracy, though. Any thoughts?
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I have a relative that uses one (the Contec). Three months in with no problems, but three months is not very long when you are looking for assurances on something with that steep of a price tag. Find out if the seller is offering a warranty (probably not) or if the company is. If the manufacturer is then I would want details of the warranty process before buying. For example, I bought a UPC scanner off of Ebay and it lasted a few months then crapped out on me. When I tried to redeem the warranty (which was supposed to be 1 yr) the manufacturer said, "Well this item was purchased over a year and a half ago" so I was SOL because the warranty was dated from when the seller purchased it. I would say, when in doubt, buy direct from the manufacturer for better warranty assurance.
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