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What are the best $1-2 deals on eBay?

I've been looking around on eBay for cheap stuff that is also useful. So far I've bought a couple scarves, a necklace, and a cable turtle, all for around $2 each (shipping included) from Hong Kong and China sellers. I'm in eastern Canada if that makes much of a difference for shipping, but ideally shipping wouldn't factor in much anyway.

I'm looking for the best deals you've found. The products don't have to be great quality. I'll even take multiples that are cheaper when grouped together but cost a few more dollars (I once bought 10 iPhone cords for $6, for example).

I have looked through previous AskMes and have found some good suggestions but I'm looking for eBay specific examples.
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Several sellers have bundles of Wii type copy wrist straps in multiple colors. In the bundle, less than $1 each. I use these on different p&s cameras, phones, etc. They're much better than wrist straps that come with the cameras. I've sold enough to more than pay for the bundles I bought, as people ask me where I got them or it (the one they see). Search "wii wrist strap".

Shh, don't tell anyone.
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100 LEDs - $2.79.
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Screen protectors and data cables for my phone. Also, those bra-strap clips that make regular bras into racerbacks. I got 10 for $1, shipped, but it took about 3 weeks for them to arrive from...Hong Kong, I think.
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Watch batteries & small batteries in general. Typically much better deals than store bought.
(Careful, some are really old & tired...check dates).
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This blogger regularly finds awesome jewelery for $1-3. Your style may or may not be her style, but I think that it demonstrates that there's a lot of inexpensive jewelery out there if you're willing to search for it.
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Things like short USB extension cables, replacement AC to DC power adapters for common electronics (110VAC to 12VDC 2A for external HDDs) are all under $5. Pretty much all of the same stuff you see for sale on DealExtreme is also sold directly on eBay with "free" shipping from mainland China.
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Are you just trying to boost your feedback score? If so, the best deal is e-books. The cost is in the range you're looking for, there's no shipping, and you can just delete (or not download) the e-book so you don't end up with a bunch of cheap clutter.

Second runner-up is coupons. There are a lot of sellers who clip coupons and mail you a fat envelope for a few bucks. If you can find 2-3 that you actually use, you have recouped your purchase price.

Coupons could be a bit tricky given your location, since most coupons are country-specific. You would need to be sure to buy them only from Canadian sellers.
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If you just want cool cheap stuff, is awesome for that.
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Response by poster: Not going for feedback score. I just want cool cheap stuff! I'll look into dealextreme as well, eBay just seems simpler because shipping to Canada is built in to the price when I search.

Great suggestions so far :)
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I bought two iphone cases for $2... (shipping was $5 though). Still beats paying the 1000% mark-up at the apple store!
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I bought ten pairs of earbuds for $5 (with free shipping from Hong Kong), with the idea that I would leave a pair every conceivable place that I might use them. They are mostly incredibly crappy quality (though OK for running), but I've found one pair so far that's great ... I guess I could throw the other nine pairs away and still be ahead.
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Auxiliary cable for the car for my mp3 player. It was $3 with shipping, I don't know why anyone would pay full price for that at a store.
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