I need another pair of my favorite workout pants
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I have no idea who made my favorite workout pants or where I bought them. Can you help me find another pair like them? They have an elastic waist AND ankles like most men's sweatpants. BUT, they're made from a much lighter cotton material that's not fleecy. They're also loose fitting but not too much.
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Best answer: I just bought these and love them. You can put a check mark next to each of your requirements, and for only $15 I think they are a steal.
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I have pants like that which I bought in the pajama section at K-mart.
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I have a pair that sound verrrry similar from Nike - perhaps try them?
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Best answer: Russell Athletic makes a line of jersey knit pants (basically T-shirt material), with elastic and drawstring waists, elastic cuffs, and pockets.
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French terry isn't fleecy. Eddie bauer and LL Bean sell them every so often.
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I bought this pair from Gap Body and love them. Very light weight. They also have them in terry.
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Wearing Russell Athletic ones right now. I think they're just what you're looking for. I have some that fit loosely and some more form-fitting, but not as tight as leggings by any means.
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