I want to know what's going on. Period.
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Lady Parts Filter: period has been behaving strangely. I have an appointment later this month, but I'd really love to figure out what's going on before then. Details inside.

I had BabyLeezie in 2010 and went on birth control as soon as I could, six weeks later. I stopped taking birth control in August 2011 and my period has been pretty clockwork ever since. I'm on a 30 day cycle (rather than the typical 28), with ovulation around day 18, but these last two months, I've had pretty significant spotting about 1 week before my anticipated period. I then got my period a week later. This month is even worse - spotting and now it looks like the full on period, five days before it is supposed to make its entrance. In fact, I don't think I even ovulated this month (I'm not charting, but I can tell because the ladies make their presence known at that time).

I've had possible luteal phase issues in the past, but I'm curious as to why they would be coming back after so long on birth control. If they are luteal issues, is there anything I can do to make it last longer (other than going on the dreaded Clomid)?

Other possible relevant details: I flirted with weaning off Prozac a few weeks ago (by skipping doses, a no-no) but have since gotten back on the bandwagon. Stress has not been particularly unusual or high. Moderate alcohol intake. Stopped taking iron supplements and B12 around the time of Prozac weaning. Sleep has been good as has appetite and diet.
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This is probably out of left field, but my period was like clockwork until I developed an overactive thyroid. Then it would be 25 days one cycle, 29 days the next, etc.
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Are you breastfeeding?
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I'm not an expert, but it sounds like you're having a string of anovulatory cycles. That can happen for lots of reasons. Speaking for myself, I had a very short luteal phase (10-11 days) for a long time, and it improved when I started getting regular exercise and got my hypothyroidism managed.
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I am not breastfeeding.

Thyroid was checked a year ago and was normal. Could it change in that time?
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Thyroid was checked a year ago and was normal. Could it change in that time?

It can, or at least it did for me. If the doc is going to run bloodwork anyway, it doesn't hurt to ask for it to be checked again.
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I would get back on the iron and B12.

You are probably getting less exercise because of the time of the year, less outdoor time also. That could affect your cycle.

Best advice that I can come up with is to tell your hubby that you need more sex because your girl parts need re-calibrating. I have the most regular cycles when I'm getting taken care of. It helps with stress and releases happy hormones. Also, men like problems that they can solve. :)
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