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What's good in MP3 players in Australia in 2012?

I need to source four MP3 players for a primary school reading program.


* At least 8GB storage
* Easy navigation, touchscreen preferred
* Capacity expandable with micro SD card
* USB connection to PC
* Content loading via file drag and drop
* At least 6 hours between charges

Do not want:

* Mandatory proprietary software on PC
* Mandatory association with one PC
* Mandatory phone plan
* Crappy sound quality

Would not object to:

* Camera
* Wifi

What are my options?
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Archos has a bunch of stuff and I'm told they make a good product. I can't vouch for them, however, and they appear to be only available at retail in Victoria and NSW.
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If you want to buy locally, has far and away the best selection, though I'm not sure you're gonna get what you need in that price range.
posted by smoke at 7:01 PM on February 5, 2012

iPod touch satisfies all that, except USB is optional.
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Don't you still need iTunes to connect a PC to an iPod Touch ? That is the definition of mandatory proprietary software. I think that it also has a mandatory association with one PC.

I would recommend a Sansa Clip+ if they sell them in Australia. Better sound quality than any iPod, can be set up to connect as a USB drive, and has a micro SD slot.

It doesn't have a touchscreen though, but I find the buttons work well.
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Seconding anything Sansa - they're rock solid and about half the price of an iPod.
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Thanks, smoke - I'm going to recommend the Cowon J3 from
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