Administrator please hope me move a sofa!
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NYC Mefites: What are the best options for moving a sofa from Brooklyn to the West Village? If you've used a good "man with a van," please recommend, but any suggestions are appreciated.
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define "best". Cheapest? Safest? Fastest?

Cheapest (and possibly fastest) is getting a friend with a Zipcar account to rent a pickup truck and paying the cost of the rental and some decent beer.
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Yeah, my suggestion was also going to be the zipcar route. If you're looking for moving company recs, though, I had fantastic service from Oz Moving, but it wasn't cheap.
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If you've got six friends, you could probably do it via subway.
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Sven Moving is my go-to for this sort of thing.
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Intense Movers. They are fantastic, smart, fast, fun. You won't regret it.
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We use Ken Cushman, with his van, his CELL #: 646-713-4258.
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This guy was the cheapest, by a mile, extremely decent price, just the thing for when I moved from Bushwick to FiDi:
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We used Band With a Van when we moved. Rob was very friendly & reasonably priced.
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