The (gl)ass ceiling
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How can I take advantage of my office ceiling? I have a fairly small office, but recessed bookcases run around two of the four walls to about 10 feet high, and the ceiling is about 12-13 feet high. I like the high ceiling as is, but can't help thinking that I should be hanging something kick-ass like a pterodactyl. Or a dirigible. Specific links would be wonderful. Thanks!

P.S. Thoughts about a cool small rug for a small expanse of carpeted floor also welcomed.
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I really like the custom star mobiles made by this shop on etsy. I have 2 of them and they are really beautiful and elegant. She also sells supplies to make your own.
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Yes please hang a pterodactyl. And post photos. Thank you.

More seriously, though, a really great pendant lamp would probably look good.

Look at these examples.

Sadly, there are no pterodactyl links I can give you.
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Seconding Ostara on mobiles. Many modern mobiles are quite striking (if pricey).
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At one time I had a high ceiling. I bought a box of pumice stones, hot glued short bits of fishing line to them and thumbtacked the line to the ceiling making a very realistic asteroid field. Added in were small toy versions of various fictional spacecraft. This may or may not be appropriate, depending on your job.
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Best thing I ever saw hanging on a ceiling was a bean bag chair, rigged up on a pulley so it could be lowered in a hurry for chilling out.
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Darn near any ceiling-mounted anything from Big Ass Fans.
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Or, I once saw a tuba that had been converted into a ceiling lamp. It was very cool.
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Look for kites: crappy Pterodactyl, TIE Fighter
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I'm lusting after this rug-- bold statement, low price tag.
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oops. no link. here it is.
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How about a model train that cruises around the room on a track hung about a foot below the ceiling?
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Table hoist!
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Affix a bunch parachuting army men.
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Stuffed alligator.
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Pterodactyl kite (60")

large pteranodon skeleton (47")

flying electric pterodactyl kit (52", also comes in 80")

Solar system mobile
(53" wide)

something more traditional

Or you could project something from the floor to the ceiling.
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Response by poster: Some great suggestions here -- thanks, everyone, and keep 'em coming.

P.S. Crocodile/alligator was just the kind of out of the box idea I was looking for. As to the why question, posed in that link, I assumed it was because of the cabinet of curiosities idea. Which is not a bad metaphor for my office.

P.P.S. Model train may be a bit hard to pull off for reasons of scale and height. And skill.

P.P.P.S. One think favoring something that flies is that I am across the street from a large office complex, and have a pretty tall window. The idea of having something that dives terrifyingly at my window is pretty appealing.
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Air Swimmers Remote Controlled Flying Shark. FWIW, my 8-y.-o. pointed this out as "WOW, cool!"
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