Temping in LA
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Good temp agencies in LA?

Your recommendations?
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Best answer: I'm getting ready to move to LA and my friends that already live there have recommended an agency called Act 1- both of them found their (full-time, permanent) jobs by starting out with temp work through them.

I haven't tried it yet but I'm hoping it works for me when I move out there (and for you if you're looking right now). Good luck!
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What sort of positions are you looking for? Administrative, creative? Some agencies specialize in certain sorts of placements.
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Best answer: Artisan Creative did very well by me some years ago (good heavens, how can it possibly have been 14 years?) As the name implies, they specialize in creative talent on the 3D/Flash/UX/UI/web/print/marketing spectrum. Here's their full list of roles.
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Response by poster: My background is in writing and editor, with a fair amount of office work and web content production.
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Response by poster: Yes, writing and editor. For chissakes.
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Best answer: My former company used Kelly Services almost exclusively.
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Best answer: Kelly is the big one, around here. I've had a lot of work from them as a lab tech and tech writer.

CyberCoders has more high-end kind of gigs, and does science and engineering stuff as well as coding. Looks like they have an office in Irvine.
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