Desk dilemma.
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To my dismay I'm aging. Need a desk and chair recommendation. A combo to accommodate my creaking body and long hours I spend at computer designing/writing.

I just spent a fortune with Room and Board on a new "L" shaped desk arrangement. And it's just not working for me. I'm also sick of the Aeron chair I have (it never has raised up high enough to suit me -- I'm nearly 6' 3").

Anyone in the Meta hive have favorites or recommendations? I've already talked to R and B and they will take this desk back. I just need to figure what to purchase next.

Also does anyone have experience with desks that go up down, something akin to a standing work station.

And yes, I did peruse earlier posts here, but didn't find anything applicable.
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Response by poster: And no, this won't work either.
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It is not pretty. It is not stylish. It is not, by any stretch of the imagination, cheap. But if you can somehow make it work fo you, this may well change your life. If you have never worked standing up, make sure you try it before you consider going this route. If you like it (and as I age, I like it more and more - I also write for much of my living) go with a system like this. Steelcase does cable management and all the other crap computer users need with remarkable grace, given the requirements of these systems.
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I would recommend a standing-desk solution...coupled with a high stool for those times you do want to sit. At home I tend to work standing up and flip the usual norm by taking "sit breaks" on my stool instead of "getting up and walking around every once and a while." When I can work standing up almost all my back and leg related health issue resolve. Really. As a contractor, though, I cannot always stand at every company I go to...and the old back pain and shortened hip flexors return. Sitting is bad for you health.
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Aeron makes chairs in several different sizes - have you tried a 'C' size chair?
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Best answer: I got a Geekdesk, and I like it a lot. It's powered, and adjustable to any height you want between normal-sitting-desktop and normal-standing-desktop heights.

It was pricey, but I figure I can afford it--moneywise and otherwise--better than I can afford the health problems I was starting to have due to sitting all day.
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I have a very simple Parsons Leg Desk from Room & Board with a HumanScale keyboard tray bolted to the bottom. A good keyboard tray is essential for me to keep my wrists and back happy. For the chair I like Steelcase Leap Chairs. They're like Aeron chairs only instead of being trendy they are actually well built and comfortable.

All of this stuff (except the desk) seems expensive, but you get what you pay for.
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Maybe check out Anthro?
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Response by poster: Thanks Sing Or Swim. I bought a Geekdesk last week and it's FANTASTIC. Not to sound too hyperbolic, but it really has changed my life. Certain the condition of my lumbar.

Anyone who thinks they can't work standing up should really reevaluate that opinion. Like I'd read in studies, I'm actually more productive. Less meandering around the web and FB, etc.

Great product. Great staff. Great price. Highly recommended.

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