Sending email to the wrong recipient
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Is there a way, in say, thunderbird to specify and e-mail address as a privileged email address? I would like it so that if a flagged address is chosen the program asks you one last time before you send the e-mail if you are sure you want to send it to the address listed. Sometimes I'm a little quick on the draw with e-mail addresses. Basically if I send something to a friend that is inappropriate for say my mom I want my program to let me know that I chose my mom's address instead before it goes out.
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I can't offer a technological solution, but I can offer a behavioral solution.

Whenever composing an email, fill in the addresses first then select them all, cut them, and paste them at the top of the body of the message, leaving the To: line blank.

Now, write your message, just as you always would.

Your final step will be to review the content of your message, make sure it matches up with your intended recipients, and paste them back into the address field.

This takes less than 5 seconds, and by doing it, you'll never send a half-finished email by mistake or accidentally send one to the wrong person again.
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Killing an ant with a shotgun, but Gmail offers an extension called "Mail Goggles" that gives you an "are you sure" when you click "Send" during a specified time period.
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