What is this short SF story?
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Help me name this SF short story.

It was in a SF anthology, probably a "Best of 19xx", the year probably being around 2000 or so. Or was it later than that?

The story was how a group of aliens capture a lone human whose spaceship wandered too close to the aliens' ship. They bring him aboard and have a kind of tribunal of sorts, all of them licking their proverbial chops at the opportunity to kill/eat/rob him (maybe all three?). So it's kind of a pirates in space setting. In the end the human tells a story about how Earth people in prehistoric times believed in hospitality because outside of civilized areas, demons and unnatural things lurked. Something like that. Then he takes off his mask to reveal he's actually not a human, but some sort of space demon. He presumably kills the aliens, the end.

It's really well-written story, and I do remember in the short bio that the author, a male, was also an attorney. Does this ring any bells?
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that plot reminds me of:
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Best answer: "Guest Law"? John C. Wright is an author and a lawyer and has several contributions in "Best of" SF collections.
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Best answer: Guest Law CD, with a short description.
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Response by poster: That's it! Thanks peeps.
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