Genius Mixes Equivalent with iTunes Match
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Itunes match removed genius mixes - Suggestions for music discovery/playlist creation apps that work with my music.

So I've signed up to itunes match, and it uploaded my ~8000 songs to the cloud. But it also removed the 'genius' and 'genius mix' functionality from my iphone.

I miss the serendipity I had with selecting a random song, hitting "genius" and rediscovering some of the songs I had forgotten I have. Sort of a local Pandora.

So I am looking for apps that can do this, ideally on the iPhone, with iTunes Match enabled. Do they exist ? Do you have recommendations ?
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Best answer: Not quite the same as Genius mixes, but I've played around with Moodagent and it works pretty well for making mixes.
posted by FreezBoy at 5:15 AM on January 31, 2012

Google Music does that, too with automatic playlists.
posted by empath at 5:33 AM on January 31, 2012

Response by poster: Thanks, FreezBoy, Mood Agent looks the closest to what I'm looking for, going to try it for the next few weeks, see if it sticks. It seems to work for some non-english songs too, although it's a little bit slow when the songs are not stored locally.

empath: Unfortunately, I'm in Europe, so Google Music is not available for me at this stage...
posted by motdiem2 at 8:52 AM on January 31, 2012

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