"Is it Sybil?" I dunno, is it?
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"Is it Sybil?" Help me understand this dated reference in a Rita Rudner joke from the early 90's.

I'm translating an old Rita Rudner HBO special and this joke has me stumped. I'd just like to be able to understand what it means. She says:

"I spend sleepless nights worrying about baking soda. Do you know about baking soda? It can do anything. It puts out fires. You can brush your teeth with it. It’s a deodorant. It’s an antacid. Is it Sybil?"

Yes, that's the punchline. It gets a huge laugh.

So if anyone knows what the heck she's on about, please chime in.
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Best answer: Sibyl was a movie about a woman who delveloped 13 personalities

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Best answer: Here's the link. Sybil has been the news lately, putting a whole new spin on the joke.
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Response by poster: Thanks, all!
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Yeah, it's a reference to the movie/book. Baking soda can be used in a million ways, so it has a lot of personalities.
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(So to speak. This is not to compare it to DID.)
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Response by poster: Looks like it was a pretty ancient reference even when she made it! And still everyone got it, just from a common first name! Pretty remarkable.
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Best answer: It was pretty iconic.

Tidbit: in the movie, Joanne Woodward (aka Mrs. Paul Newman) played Sybil's (Sally Field's) psychiatrist. Woodward herself had played a girl suffering from DID in 1957's The Three Faces of Eve.
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There came a time where the thick mass market paperback version of the book was everywhere, in every bookstore, every used book store and thrift shop, every doctor's office, used as a tire brick and doorstop, just everywhere. You couldn't go a day without seeing a dogeared copy somewhere during the day. That may have influenced or given more life to the joke at the time of that Rudner special.

This book and cover.

I guess it is now a lost pop culture meme.
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The original Sybils were also sort of split personality figures - the earth bound voices of a deity. Except that there were a number of them.

Good luck finding a suitable translation!
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It wasn't an ancient reference in the early 90s. It was pretty pervasive. I remember it being an insult in high school then, and I know that it was used as a punchline on various sitcoms too. (Not that I can remember any specific ones right now, of course).
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It was pervasive enough in the 90s that it would never have occurred to me it wasn't a joke someone would get now.
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Sybil Exposed on the Blue.
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