Cool periodic table.
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We're looking for a cool poster of the periodic table. This and this are considerations, but we'd rather have something more interesting. A poster of one of the early designs would be especially neato.
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This one is my favorite.
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I've always thought that this one was interesting.

Although by definition it couldn't be a poster, the Alexander Arrangement is really cool, too.
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The Chemical Galaxy is rather interesting and very pretty too, if very non-standard.

The Look Around You variant is well worth having a read through if that's your sense of humour, but I doubt it's actually the sort of thing you were after!
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I second The Chemical Galaxy - it was in Discover magazine a few months back, and I showed it to my students and it generated a lot of cool questions. I don't know if you're looking for this for a classroom or some other purpose. If it's for young people, be careful with the Chemical Galaxy because some kids assumed at first that different elements come from different locations in the galaxy.
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Response by poster: I don't know if you're looking for this for a classroom or some other purpose.

It's for our home library, in which we have a nice bit of wallspace on the entrance. It will be in the company of the likes of these.

I don't know that we're so much interested in the unorthodox. We want accuracy, but not something boring. I find myself wishing for something that looks like it was written on parchment with a stylus, or that looks (stylistically) like an old botanical plate. Is that making sense?
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Best answer: Older (as in 1960s - 1970s) tables show up on ebay occasionally. Be aware you will have naming inaccuracies for some of the most recently discovered elements, but otherwise these would be very suitable and retro cool.
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Response by poster: So my next question is...why the heck didn't I think to try ebay? Thanks, bystander!
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This is not a poster, but a pretty cool flash version.
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