Where can I stay informed on new killer apps?
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Frequently I notice that iPhone/iPad apps initially go on sale initially at a reduced price. Moog's Animoog app, for example, debuted for a limited time at $0.99 and now costs $30. Obviously this is a strategy to get buzz and positive reviews. However, I'm bummed for missing this deal. Are there any websites that give the reader a heads up on killer apps that have just come out and which are being offered for practically nothing?
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Say what you will about the site in general but I have found some good apps/deals on Reddit's /r/iphone
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I subscribe to Free App Alert in my feed reader. It seems to be pretty comprehensive.
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I find AppShopper really handy for this.
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App Shopper (website, and there's an app) will let you mark apps you're interested in, and notify you when they go on sale (or get updates, etc.). They also have a "popular items" list, which usually has noteworthy updates, or new apps.
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The Appolicious app and website tell you when apps that you have your eye on drop in price. Square, and EA games often go on sale at random points...

Lifehacker has a daily deals post on new and reduced price apps.
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AppAdvice also has a decent website and iOS app
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Specifically, AppAdvice's AppsGoneFree is extremely useful for finding stuff that's temporarily free.
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I'll second Free App Alert as a good resource though wading through the lists (sometimes upwards of 150 apps free at once) can be tedious. I also check DealMac fairly regularly and they post free and reduced apps daily.
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In case it's music apps you're often most interested in, there's at least a few excellent sites and Facebook pages worth following:
iPad Music
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AppZappPush allows you to customise the 'now free' by app type and language so you only see the most relevant deals. It's not usually free, but sometimes has promotions - in fact I found it when I was using another, not so good, app tracking app and that lesser app alerted me to AppZappPush being temporarily free!
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Heh, it went free in the past hour! They're reading this thread...
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