Where can I find pants for a tall, thin, long-rise needing boyfriend?
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My boyfriend is long and thin, and I can't find pants to fit him.

My boyfriend is 6'4 with a 34 inch waist and a 35 1/2 inch inseam. He used to get chinos/dress pants from Lands' End, but it appears that they have been out of stock for some time. I've done lots of searching online, but can't find anything in a 34 waist with that length; 36 waist seems to be the smallest size offered with that length. The other issue is that the size is offered but without a long rise.

Any suggestions for a long-rise, 34 inch waist, 35 1/2 inch inseam type of chino? Thanks!
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Best answer: Brooks Brothers, but they don't have 1/2 inseam sizes. You'll just have to get 34/36 and hem, if necessary. They have nice options for chinos, too.
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I'm a size 32 waist with a 36 length. The only place I've found that carries jeans and khakis in my size is, believe it or not, American Eagle Outfitters. Plus, they're comfy too. I just checked, and it looks like they have 34x36 as well. I highly recommend them, actually - I wear the khakis to work (I'm a med student), and no one has ever given me trouble about them.

Here are their pants, and here are their jeans.
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Best answer: J. Crew hems their Essential Chinos to your spec, so you can get 34/35.5 no problem. You can get them in either Classic, 484 Slim, or Urban Slim fits (the other fits would be way too baggy on a guy that thin). For a medium rise, the Classic fit is what you want, but the slims might be more flattering on a thin guy overall.
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(Plus, I've found that the price at American Eagle is really quite good.)
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I buy 34W 36L pants from Banana Republic. For example.
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Best answer: I'll second Brooks Brothers.

I'm 6'4" with a 34 waist and a 36 inseam, and I've been having clothes custom-made (or made-to-measure) for a while now. About six months ago I needed to get some khakis for a performance, and I didn't have the time to get them made. After going to a few stores, I was pleasantly surprised to find that Brooks Brothers chinos fit me almost perfectly*.

* I did take them to the tailor to have the waist taken in a bit.
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Banana Republic online and GAP online (try "big and tall" and if doesn't come up in the standard pants search). Sometimes Old Navy online, but it's a bit hit-and-miss.

You can usually go try on a 34-waist in the store at a high-water length if they don't have the right length, and then order the 34x36 online.
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I'm approximately 34w/32l and I just bought some cords from Gap (1969 style, straight fit) which were labeled 34w/30l but which turned out to be longer than 34/32s from other stores. So it might be worth just trying on some of their 34/34 khakis in this style/fit (they're smart for khakis I think and quite slim). I was kinda pleased to find the cords in this fit and bought two pairs at once.
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Seconding Eyebrows, then. You could always order online and take back to the store. And don't go to Gap Outlet, their stock can be sub-standard clones of regular Gap.
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Buy whatever is in stock that's long enough and order them unhemmed ("unfinished" in Land's End parlance). If you don't want to hem them yourselves, pay a local tailor to hem them for you. Any good dry cleaner will give you the number of a tailor or two if you just call.
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Bonobos has chinos in 34 x 36.
A bit more expensive but may be worth the style/cut.
Might suggest a boot cut for long slim legs.
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Eddie Bauer sells everything they make in a long rise for a couple bucks extra, they should have you covered for chinos / dress pants / jeans. And they have an unreal return policy, mind-bending customer service. The quality is not as high as it was a decade ago but it's still pretty good stuff.
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Best answer: Indochino is a crazy-well-priced website for fully-bespoke suits, shirts, pants and blazers. I buy all my suits, shirts and dress pants there. It's all custom-made based on your exact measurements and will cost the same as buying at the store. There is really no comparison after you've worn clothes made exactly for your body.

The measurements for Indochino aren't just inseam and waist: it's inseam, waist, knees, thighs, crotch, rise, and body shape (and that's just for the pants). I can't recommend them highly enough.
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