How can I get my printer to work wirelessly with Mac OS X 10.7.2 Lion?
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I've downloaded the correct driver (version 8.61) off to get my new Epson NX430 printer to work with Mac OS X 10.7.2 Lion on my 2011 Macbook Pro, but the printer still only works when the USB cable is connected. It won't work using WiFi, even though my Internet connection seems to be fine.

After using the Wi-Fi setup wizard on the printer touchscreen, there's a solid green light on the printer to indicate the WiFi connection is working. Under Print and Scan in system preferences, the Epson is listed and has a green dot next to it. But when I try to print using WiFi, it says "looking for printer" in the printing queue window and then says "Error" next to job status. The firewall on my Macbook is turned off, and I've never had a problem printing wirelessly before. I spent over an hour on the phone with Epson tech support and tried resetting the printer system, uninstalling and re-installing the driver, entering the IP address manual, deleting and re-adding the printer, all to no avail. The tech support guy suggested calling my Internet provider, which seems like bullsh** to me. Any suggestions? I checked the apple help forum, and it seems other people have been able to get the Epson working with Lion.
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I have an Epson printer (though my MacBook is running Snow Leopard). Have you tried turning your wireless off and back on? Every now and again, my printer tells me I need to restart my wireless connection even though there's no obvious reason why it should need restarting. I just turn my modem off, go walk the dog or something, then restart everything, giving the wifi/computer/printer plenty of time to make friends again before I send a job to the printer.

My apologies if you've already tried this. This step is my last one before I chuck the printer over the balcony, so I hope this helps!
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I just bought this printer a couple weeks ago and read plenty of reports of difficult installations. I was able to get it running on my Win7 machine, but I definitely would have skipped some steps on their guide (PDF) unless my wife had forced me to use it. I assume you've checked the Epson support page for Lion? You might also want to print a network status sheet to re-check all the settings under Setup> Wifi Settings> Confirm Wifi Settings> print> print
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I also just picked up one of these printers, and getting the computers and the printer communicating took a couple of reboots of each before everything was hunky dory.
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