Wallets for storing 6x4 photos
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Photograph print storage and archiving. I have several document boxes full of randomly sized and often somewhat tatty photo wallets, usually containing either 24 or 36 6x4 photos, and neg strips. I'm looking for a storage system to migrate these too. Basically, I'd like to take the photos out the old wallets, put them in the new standard card/plastic wallets, and then add/write some index terms on the top spine and cover. Thank you!

I know there are systems out there, but it's difficult to tell what they are like, and so I am looking for personal recommendations. As I may require say 100-200 such wallets, cost is a factor. Archival grade (acid-free etc.) is not a priority. Bonus points if there is a modular system that I can pack the migrated wallets into. Thanks again!
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They make photo sleeves in the standard three-ring binder size, with varying sizes of individual photo slots. Then, you can buy whatever kind of binder you like. You can economize (maybe?) by just buying a box of sheet protectors and a ream of cardstock or vellum, and then mount the photos onto the cardstock with some kind of archival tape that won't ruin the photographs.

Another thing my dad has done, especially with the digital age upon us, is to scan old photos and then print them (along with newer digital photos) onto paper in whatever size and order he likes. This solves a couple of problems- the physical photos can be stored however you want, but you can still have the images on the coffee table, ready to share. And you have copies in case something happens to the albums or the storage boxes.

And as the iPad revolution is upon us, having the digital copies readily available means you can just throw them onto a tablet and use that is the photo album.
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Thank you, gjc! I'm actually looking for replacements for envelopes like the ones illustrated on this blog. I think my question was a bit ambiguous.

I don't even know what they are really called, which is driving me nuts trying to find any replacements ...
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Carter, are you looking for something like this?

I know you said you didn't care about archival grade, but those are the ones I have bookmarked. I got them along with this box.
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