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Flowers online: Looking for recommendations for websites which overnight flowers direct from the farm (rather than florist shops which happen to sell online). Not looking for anything major for an event—just a place that will ship a bouquet for Valentine's Day, birthdays, etc. Thanks!
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When I worked for a grower in Southern California, we did direct shipping for
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Churchtown Farm, St Agnes Bulbshop and Trenoweth Farm are among the places that do this. In order to give you a useful answer though, it would probably help to know what continent you want to send flowers to.
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North America, United States, New York City.
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I went with Strangely, they didn't have roses this year for Valentine's Day, but I went with red tulips instead for my wife. I didn't get to see the flowers in person myself (they went to her office), but I saw a picture and she said they were very lovely.
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