Foxit foxed by PDF bookmarks
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When I export an InDesign document as a PDF, the bookmarks automatically generated by Indesign from a table of contents are consistently going to a page 2 pages after their target when clicked in Foxit PDF reader. I am going nuts. Help?

When I go to the bookmarks tab in InDesign and click on the bookmarks created, they go to the right pages.

When I open the PDF in Adobe Acrobat Reader, all works fine.

It's only in Foxit PDF reader that the problem happens.

Other documents (ones I didn't create) that I try in Foxit work fine so there's something iffy about the PDFs that I've made.

This is all on Windows XP
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If you have an example you can post someplace, I can take a look inside. There may be a work around, but it's likely to be ugly. It's probably a bug in Foxit reader, you may have to contact them.
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