How can I stop fonts from enabling?
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MacBook Pro late 2011. OSX 10.7.2. Why is FontBook enabling various fonts without me doing it? And how can I prevent this?

I am an art director who has used Macs for work for over a decade. I have a folder full of many, many fonts which I have stored in Documents. I have noticed recently (by accident) when using InDesign and Illustrator (CS5) that there are a huge number of fonts active which I never enabled. I understand there's system fonts and the ones I use regularly, but some of the active ones are really obscure or silly, like Curlz, old-timey Western style stuff, fonts I've never heard of like Braggadoccio and Chalk Dust, along with a gigantic boatload of Asian and mid eastern fonts.

I use FontBook to turn on and off fonts, and I have never tried to use these fonts ever in the past. Why would these be enabled automatically? Again, I store these fonts in my Documents, not in any library. And this is a 2 month old computer. I've got 8 GB RAM so it's not necessarily slowing down, I just want it to run lean and clean it up.

Also, is it safe to simply manually disable the many Asian, Cyrillic and middle eastern fonts? How can I prevent fonts from becoming active without my input?

Thanks for any light you can shed on this.
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Perhaps Adobe apps are trying to reinstall and reactivate fonts which are "missing". If you test this and that is what is happening, this document discusses a solution for MSFT Office doing the same thing, by renaming the font folder in the application folder.
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I thought it might be Adobe, but when using InDesign or Illustrator, it still asks me to activate a font in a file if I don't have it. And I can't imagine why Curlz for instance would be one that got activated. I have never used it and never even heard about it.
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Applications sometimes install fonts into your font library - MS Office is famous for this -- it dumps about 150 fonts in there that are active by default, by virtue of residing in /Library/Fonts. Have you installed any programs recently that might have put those fonts in there, or in ~/Library Fonts? Apple does have a list of essential system fonts that need to reside in /Library/Fonts in order for the system to function -- you can track that down & delete everything else in there, though that's a bit of a pain.
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Well, I do have MS Office on my machine, so maybe that's it. But I still can't see where some of the really goofy ones come from.
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But I still can't see where some of the really goofy ones come from.

MacHD > Library > Fonts > Microsoft
MacHD > Library > Application Support > Adobe > Fonts

These two are where all of your worst fonts live.
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Thorzdad: That's it. Are these safe to trash?
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In the Adobe folder, you can probably trash any of the fonts except for the ones in the Reqrd sub-folder. Those are used in the Adobe apps themselves. I'd make copies, juts in case, of course.

I really can't say about the Microsoft folder. I'd check to see how many of them show-up in FontBook, since they are in the main Font folder already. I know I've turned-off a ton of Microsoft fonts using FontBook.
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DO NOT just trash the Adobe folder itself. You need to keep the file path intact so the apps can find the Reqrd font folder.
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