How to (painlessly) find a vacation rental in Southwest Florida?
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I'm looking to rent a 4 bedroom house within striking distance of Sanibel Island, Florida in the last week of February 2012. Does the hive-mind have any recommendations for web sites or other resources that will make this task easier than it's been so far?

I need to be able to put down a deposit on a credit card (for protection from possible scams), the house needs to sleep 8 people, and it obviously needs to be available during the last week of February. Certain amenities would be nice, but I'm really not all that picky. Oh, and I'd like to keep the total cost under $2,500 (I know, I know).

I've tried sites like, but the search functions of those sites is typically abysmal and I've spent hours clicking on links only to find that the candidate house is already booked or doesn't meet one of my other criteria. There must be a better way -- anyone know of one?
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I have been to Sanibel beach combing and to the bird sanctuary. The houses on the island always seemed to me secluded and way unaffordable. You might be better off renting in Fort Myers and taking the causeway over everyday.
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Sorry, hit post accidentally. Have you seen this? This is prime season in Florida and it might be difficult.
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