Where to donate books in Sri Lanka?
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Where can I donate second-hand English-language adult fiction books in Sri Lanka?

We are living in Sri Lanka at the moment and have a number (30-40) of second-hand books (English language) that we would like to donate to a library, hospital, charity etc.

Is there anywhere that would want these books? If it is somewhere near Hikkaduwa/Galle, we can drop them off ourselves.
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I'll have to ask my dad for specifics, but I bet Sarvodaya (the group he works with) could find any number of uses for them. They have people all over the country, so I'm sure there's a branch nearby.

Also, I wonder if larger hospitals might find them useful. Because my (American) dad was stuck there with Dengue fever and only had "Winnie the Pooh" on his iPhone :(
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