Google Voice 301: Complicated office voice mail transfers
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Can I use Google Voice as follows: right now, person calls in to main office number and gets a recording (for X press 1, for Y press 2, for A press 3, and for B press 4) and upon choosing an extension that phone rings and if not answered goes into that extension's VM box. Can I forward this somehow so that each extension rings to a different Voice number?

I can't think of how I would do this (I have an aged BizTouch phone system) since my instinct is that once it rings to my main number then pressing an extension is an inside the phone system function. However, I am perfectly happy to forward the main number to a Voice number which then gives me the functionality I need.

Bottom line, if no one is in the office I'd like to get the call on my cell if I can but still leave the option for callers to leave messages for specific people.
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GV does not currently offer any kind of automated attendant/call routing menu, sadly.
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You need something more like, which will let you do exactly what you're looking for. But you'll have to pay for it.
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Take a look at They have a limited free plan and the full features plan for $20 per user per month. It will allow you to do everything you asked for. For outgoing calling I think you have to purchase the actual phones from them
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