How to sketch in the snow..?
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I'm going to be sketching all day in Toronto tomorrow-- and it looks like it's going to be snowing the whole time. How can I keep my papers and notebooks in relatively good condition?

I can't buy a waterproof sketchbook; I can't find anywhere locally (Waterloo region) that sells them and I can't wait for one to ship.

I was thinking of wrapping my references and map in packing tape so I don't have to worry about them. The best I can think of for doing sketching is hunching over my work for ever and using waterproof pens.

Does anyone have experience with this admittedly silly endeavour? Can you think of anything that I can do to minimise my frustration?
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Go someplace indoors and look out the window.

(This will also get around the -14 wind chill.)
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Sysrq, took the wordsrightout of my mouth. ive never been able to sketch with a shivering hand...
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Best answer: A very large golf umbrella?
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Best answer: Use a camera, sketch the images inside the car or someplace protected.
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Best answer: What about checking the art supply stores around OCAD - University and Dundas W area?
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Best answer: It is not silly , just cold . When drawing , you are very immobile and get much colder . But if there is enough beauty or fun or whatever , of course do it !

use graphite pencils , they are waterproof and won't freeze . With mechanical pencils I never worry about sharpening . Do not use watercolor pencils . Some marker pens are waterproof and freeze proof .
I would not worry about complete waterproofing . You just get this particular weathered look of paper , but it is done in certain weather , so what ? If it is watercolor paper , it will hold much, much better . It will get wet , but then dry , without any harm. I use regular copy paper for all this often , too . Just because it is simple .
Umbrella is good , I hope it is not windy ... Smaller one is easier to hold .
Not always , but often I would be able to find something to protect me or at least my art . Some roof , maybe tree , all you need is to shield just a little piece of paper , your drawing . you can hunching over it , yes ; or turn in such way that you are shielding your drawing . This is another reason why sketching pads are small .

How cold it will be ? If cold enough , snow will just fall down from the paper.
It is tough on the hands . I liked to wear mittens with tiny hole for the pencil , so I would hold a brush or pencil with my fingers inside a mitten . I think that thick gloves are too thick for drawing , and thin gloves are too cold .
Hope it helps .
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I keep telling people to GO TO ALLEN GARDENS!!!!!
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I mean Allan Gardens.

...but honestly, you can sit in warm, fragrant air, drawing beautiful tropical trees, flowers and cacti. When you get tired of that, just look through the glass towards relatively unobstructed views of the park. Colourful characters abound! (maybe keep your wits about you a bit, if you're a lone female)
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Best answer: Y'know, I actually had an instructor address this very problem once:
1) Get a clear plastic poncho. Failing that, get a big clear plastic bag, like dry cleaners return your clothes in.
2) Put poncho/bag over hands and sketching materials.
3) Make beautiful pictures, laugh at the rain, and accept that baghands are the hot new thing in outdoor apparel.

It's not perfect - you still get raindrops and snow buildup on the exterior, distorting your workspace - but it's a sight better than dealing with soggy stationery.
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