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I work for an advertising company that sells very high profile ad locations. One of the ways we demonstrate value to our advertisers is collecting and showing them examples of their ads appearing incidentally in TV, film, newspapers, etc. I would like to create an online portal for displaying a rolling chronological archive of these video clips and still images.

Basically I need to create a CMS archive site or series of youtube-ish-like sites, for a private set of users. The content should NOT be available to the general public, since many of these are copyright protected clips. (We pay royalties for the right to distribute these clips to the small set of people we share them with, and have been authorized to do so.) We will also password protect access the whole site.

I would like to be able to upload a clip or image and enter some basic metadata (channel, program title, circulation, etc.) and have it display when the clips plays or the image is displayed. I would like to be able to upload both videos and photos and have them displayed in chronological order, most recent clips at the top. I need a simple way to upload the content and input metadata (no coding required ideally) since I hope to rely on help from my less tech-savvy coworkers for uploading.

Here’s where it gets a little trickier - we have approximately 20 advertising locations and I often receive a clip that shows several locations in one clip, so I would like to be able to upload the clip and metadata once, and then designate (through checkboxes during the upload process, or tagging with search terms) which of the clip rooms the clip will appear in. Example: If Clip 1 shows ads A and B and Clip 2 shows only ad A, I will upload both clips once, tag clip 1 with A and B and tag Clip 2 with A. When advertiser A logs in, they will see clips 1 and 2, and advertiser B will only see clip 1.

I am open to a solution where there is one portal requiring users to log-in, or where each advertiser gets a unique url. I want to do this the “right” way and could get a decent budget for this if I needed to. I am open to having something built from scratch (seems like overkill) but hoping for a plug-in or script that can be configured once and won't require coding on an ongoing basis.


1) Has to look professional - ideally clean and simple look.

2) What video format/hosting should I use? HTML5? We would like to have the clips viewable on phones, tablets, etc.

3) Simple uploading and data entry/tagging procedure.

4) Copyright issues may be a consideration for hosted video solutions, since uploading content like this to sites like Vimeo, etc. violates their terms.

5) Want to be able to integrate both video and still images

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Have a look at Videopress.
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