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How can a Libyan travel to China, with the Chinese embassy in Libya closed?

With the Chinese embassy in Libya closed, how can a Libyan citizen travel to China? Is it possible for one to obtain a Chinese visa upon arrival?
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The Chinese Embassy in Cairo is probably the best bet. Alternately, the Chinese diplomatic mission in Algeria. If I remember the history of the recent civil war clearly, the winning (Benghazi NTC) side seized the eastern Libyan land border crossing into Egypt fairly early in the campaign and has maintained solid control over it since then.

Malta is another possibility.
posted by thewalrus at 1:50 AM on January 18, 2012

Entering China via Hong Kong? If so, avoid the aggravations of the Hong Kong PRC Visa Office but looks like application will be processed instead through another official China government agency, China Travel Service: details here
posted by Mister Bijou at 2:08 AM on January 18, 2012

Scrub that. I now see you a Libya passport holder needs a visa to enter Hong Kong... and that visa is only available from a PRC embassy or consulate. Sorry.
posted by Mister Bijou at 2:15 AM on January 18, 2012

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